Our Story


We were inspired to start The Smiling Bride after our own fairytale wedding. We met on a medical mission trip to Ecuador – Alex, the dentist and I, Kate, the pediatrician. We knew from that first evening chatting alone, tending the fire in a mountain village, that there was something special here that neither one of us had never felt before. Three months later we were engaged, and 1 year from our first date, we were married in an intimate, evening ceremony in our back yard beneath twinkling lights. Alex always said the favorite thing about that day was my smile. When looking back at the photos, I see why. It was so clear how in love with him I was – just through my smile. I cherish our photos for capturing that because I truly felt uncontainable joy and love radiating from every part of me that day.

Around that time, Alex had just recently opened his new dental practice, Semidey Dental. We had always enjoyed taking on creative building and business projects together, so it all came together in creating The Smiling Bride to help other brides and couples radiate their love and joy through their smiles. We are passionate about helping couples get their beautiful wedding day smile, and doing so in the safest and most comfortable way. We fully understand the many events surrounding a wedding day, so we work closely with our couples to be sure we achieve a beautiful result without effecting your smile for engagement photos or pre-wedding gatherings.



With your smile

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Semidey Dental


Semidey Dental is a full service dental office in Davie, Florida committed to excellence and honest, fair pricing in a warm and comfortable setting. We go the extra mile to make your visit to the dentist one you will enjoy. With private treatment rooms, cozy blankets and your favorite music or Netflix movie, every element of your appointment is designed to be as painless and easy as possible.

Contact us to discuss any personal plans you might have for group treatment days with your spouse-to-be, wedding party, friends or family. We would be happy to help you set up any special drinks or snacks to make your smile pampering day fun and personalized to you.

See our Google reviews to read what our patients have to say about us or visit our website to learn more.

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