Lets face it, the dress is important, but we all want our smiles to steal the show on the big day. It’s where you radiate our joy and what everyone will remember most about your iconic bridal beauty. So, we’ve put together some smile tips that will take your smile over the top.


1 RESHAPING MINOR TOOTH IMPERFECTIONS: Dentists have lots of fast and easy ways to reshape teeth that in many cases don’t even involve anesthesia! Sometimes a simple filing down of a tooth edge here or there can give your smile a complete facelift. If a little more reshaping is needed, composite veneers may be a good option. Composite veneers involve the dentist “painting” a porcelain tooth surface over your existing tooth in order to completely change the shape or color. These too don’t involve anesthesia and can be done in a single visit. If it’s your gums you dislike, dentists can even reshape your gumline that can visually change the shape of your teeth and smile. With so many options, its silly not to talk to your dentist about your options before your big day to be sure you get that breathtaking smile you’ve been hoping for.

2WHITENING:  Of course you have considered whitening your smile before you put on that beautiful white dress, but have you figured out which method you will use? It is incredibly important to start your whitening process early, particularly if you are going with an at-home option. These methods use low concentration tooth bleaching products that can take a very long time to reach your ultimate max white result. Be sure you are starting your whitening regimen long before your engagement photos as well! Are you considering professional in-office dental whitening? Look for dental offices that offer a 2 session discount. Brides in-the-know seek out this option because it allows you to have your first whitening session before your engagement photos with a second whitening boost session before the wedding day – that way you get the bright white smile you need for your 2 important photo days.

3THINK ABOUT HOW YOU ARE EATING & DRINKING: With at-home and professional whitening options alike, both methods utilize a bleaching product that opens the pores of your teeth with every treatment. For that reason, your teeth are at risk of absorbing the colors of the foods and beverages you consume for 24-48 hours after each treatment. So, if you are whitening with an at-home system and using your gel daily, this means you must be very careful with your meal options for the weeks of your whitening treatments. As Dr. Alex Semidey likes to put it “avoid anything that will stain a white t-shirt!” For you coffee drinkers, this seems impossible, no? Consider switching to latte’s which are lighter than coffee alone. Yes, it may look silly, but try to drink dark or colored beverages with a straw to avoid direct contact with your front teeth or switch to clear sodas or juices instead. Better yet, use this as motivation to switch to water!

4GET A DENTAL CLEANING: A professional dental cleaning will remove any plaque buildup around your gums and in between your teeth. In this way, regular cleanings will keep your gums healthy looking, and as we know in all places of the body, healthy looks beautiful. Not to mention, will help you keep fresh smelling breath! A cleaning also includes a professional buffing of your teeth which uses a mild abrasive to buff away superficial stains and discoloration, similar to the way most at-home whitening toothpastes work. The best part about an in-office cleaning is the shine you get afterward. That buffing they do at the end, works the same way as buffing your nails and gives you that gleaming result that can take your smile over the top!

5CHOOSING A LIPSTICK COLOR: If you are hiring a makeup artist to give you that ultimate glam look on your wedding day, discuss your lipstick shade with them during your consultation. Ask them to try some options on with you. Go bold! A bold lip will help your smile stand out not only in photos but from a distance, so allow yourself to step outside of your comfort zone a bit. When choosing your exact pink or red, go for shades with cool or “blue” undertones, ie. shades that are slightly more purple than orange. This will help your teeth look whiter. A color with a small amount of shimmer will also draw the eye, but be careful not to overshoot your mark with a frosty color that can make your teeth pale in comparison. If purchasing or doing your makeup yourself, consider going to a makeup stand at a large department store where they can help you try a number of shades on for free before purchasing. Choosing the right color is a big decision, so be patient and take your time picking the right one.

6STRAIGHTENING: If you have ever thought of straightening your teeth, now is the time. You will cherish your wedding day photos forever, so it makes sense to invest in your smile now. The financial investment is worth it since it will transform your smile not only for your wedding, but for years to come, so really it is a no-brainer. Scared of the old metal brackets and wires that you needed to wear for years? Not anymore! There are many new methods on the market now that are nearly invisible and work incredibly fast like Invisalign and Six Month Smiles. Talk to your dentist to see which option is best for you.

7LIP CARE: We all know that good skin care is an integral part of facial beauty, but did you know that your smile’s beauty depends on good lip care? Don’t neglect your lips – they are the frame for your beautiful wedding day smile! So, in the same way you will start early with a strict facial skin care regimen, tac on a couple more seconds to your morning and nighttime routine by adding in a quality lip care product and a lip exfoliant. Exfoliate your lips 2x per week in the months leading up to the big day for a smooth, soft lip that holds lipstick beautifully. Be sure the lip hydrator option you choose tastes good and keep a second tube in your purse. This will help encourage you to use it frequently, boosting your smooth and hydrated results!

8CONSIDER FILLERS: Dermal fillers, like Juvederm, aren’t for everyone, but if you want that extra “wow” to your smile, plump up those lips! With a bold lipstick shade and a bright white smile, a little extra plump to your kisser can completely take your smile to the next level. For those of you who have tried fillers before, you know getting dermal fillers can be a painful endeavor. A little known secret – have a dentist trained in facial esthetics do it! Dentists are trained to do nerve “blocks” on areas of the face in order to anesthetize parts of the mouth for dental treatment so they can make having your dermal fillers done super comfortable and easy. Many dentists now are doing treatments like Botox and dermal fillers, so see if it’s something your dentist offers.

9PRACTICE YOUR SMILE: It may sound silly, but spend a little time in front of the mirror and see how your smile looks best and from what angle. Try parting your teeth a bit when you smile – it looks more natural and can make your smile seem bigger. And smile with your eyes! So much emotion is evoked through your eyes, so allow your joy to show. Once you have figured out which of your smiles is most flattering, practice! Start early and try to practice daily so it feels completely natural on the big day. Some tricks for your photos: no one has a perfectly symmetrical face, so in your mirror practices, try tilting or turning your head slightly from straight on to determine what angle accentuates your face and smile. During your photos, remember to lick your teeth right before the photo is taken, this will allow your pearly whites to pick up the light and glisten, making your smile the star of the show.

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