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We provide a wide range of aesthetic dental and facial services tailored specifically to each unique bride and her wedding party. Working around special dates like engagement photos, rehearsal dinners and pre-wedding celebrations, we use our years of expertise in the newest, safest and fastest methods in dentistry to help you achieve your smile goals for your big day.

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Professional Zoom Whitening
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Invisalign & Six Month Smiles
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Veneers & Reshaping
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Facial Esthetics

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  • After trying Crest Whitestrips for nearly a month without much of a result, I was so happy to find The Smiling Bride. My whitening treatment gave me AMAZING results and Dr. Alex did some minor reshaping of my teeth that made such a huge difference - I was shocked! He also did a whitening for my husband, which was great to have it all done in one sitting since he hated the whitestrips. The special pricing for the 2 of us together made it really affordable...and for such an awesome, fast result - it was so worth it. Everything was completely painless, and I have honestly never felt more relaxed or comfortable in a dental office. They explained everything, are incredibly honest and truly look out for their patient's best interest - a very rare quality to find. Semidey Dental is truly top notch and I cannot say enough about this gem of a practice!
    Kaitlin Radler, Respiratory Tech

  • The Smiling Bride Collection by Semidey Dental was a fantastic option for me and my family. Not only were they warm and inviting, but their attention to detail and commitment to giving me exactly what I wanted, was great. Their group packages made it easy for my hubby and my mom to get the treatments they wanted too, and at a really reasonable price. I loved the additional Boost treatment too! I can't thank them enough for giving us all incredible smiles for our big day!
  • The Smiling Couple package was a great gift to give to my daughter and her husband for their wedding. I knew they wanted whitening before their engagement photos, so having the whitening before their photos was great but having the additional Boost treatment before the wedding was like a whole second gift - totally worth the cost. They loved it! Plus I got a great package discount on whitening for my husband and I, and some botox treatments for me too! They made all of us feel so comfortable and made everything so easy. I can't recommend them enough.
  • I recently had a cleaning and Zoom whitening done at Dr. Semidey's office before my wedding. Dr. Semidey and his staff were perfectly attentive and warm. They made sure I was comfortable every step of the way and I'm so happy with my results! Thank you!
    Lisa Ruelf, graduate student

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